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New year, new project January 2, 2011

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Ya, like i needed another project right?

Originally this blog started as a way to showcase some sneak peaks of some of my photography clients. But, since I never remember to get them up…this year my blog is taking on a whole new meaning.


While reading the Province newspaper this afternoon I found myself reading my “yearly” ¬†horoscope. Now, I have never really relied much on what my horoscope tells me. Like most things i read, it is taken with a grain of salt. However one thing stood out to me in such a way that I felt the need to act on it.

“I am happiest using my powers to benefit others.”

Now, First things first. About me…

I am a wife, a daughter, a sister and a mother.

I take my daughter to dance, and soon, my son to hockey.

I am a spark leader, a brownie leader and a district commisioner with the Girl guides of Canada.

I am a PAC mom, and help there when I can, both in the elementary school and in the preschool.

I train my dog pepper, in agility with hopes that we will be ready to trial late next year.

I love to cook, scrapbook, make cards and photograph people.

I live a battle each and every day with an anxiety disorder that has left me housebound and praying for an end.

Every day I get one step closer to freedom.

I am me.


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